Words of Approbation from the Sages of Our Time

Rabbi Shimon Schwab,

K'hal Adass Jeshurun, New York

Machon moreshess Ashkenaz is perpetuating the memory of Germany's Torah and customs, its communities and yeshivos. This is a mitzvah toward both the living and the departed. What is more, this institute is giving new hope and encouragement to those communities, spread throughout the world, which still cling to the ancient customs of their fathers. May the chain continue unbroken until the coming of Moshiach, speedily in our days.

Rabbi Yoseph Tsvi Dunner,

Adass Yisroel, London

All of German Jewry will surely bless Machon moreshess Ashkenaz for its efforts to revive old customs and ancient wisdom. We can never thank them enough for this favour... done for our fathers and our fathers' fathers, who are being saved from oblivion by the work of Machon moreshess Ashkenaz. I bless Hashem for their excellent work, which will bring merit for generations to come. Happy is the man who lends his support to the great work. I offer you my blessing that you achieve all your goals and disseminate this Torah all over the world.

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