Machon Moreshess Ashkenaz

Minhag Ashkenaz is in danger of being forgotten entirely unless decisive action is taken to save if. The manuscripts of German Jewry's great Torah scholars must be preserved, along with major works of Jewish thought (some available only in German). German Jewry's prayer melodies must be collected, biographies of its leading figures written, its customs gathered and annotated if anything is to be passed on to coming generations.

Machon moreshess Askenaz (The Institute for German Jewish Heritage) was founded for this express purpose. More than ten years ago its scholars began the monumental task of gathering and cataloguing the artifacts of German Jewish history. No conceivable source is being overlooked in this effort.

Machon moreshess Ashkenaz is directed by:

Rabbi Benjamin Salomon Hamburger, a descendant of the 'Chatam Sofer', born in Basel, Switzerland, and educated in the Yeshivos of Gateshead, Lucerne, and Be'er Yaakov;

Rabbi Joseph Baruch Hoffner, born in New York, USA, and educated in the Yeshivos of Lucerne and Ponevezh in Bnei Brak;

Rabbi Jehudah Aharon Horowitz, a descendant of the 'Aruch LaNer', born in Manchester, England, and educated in the Yeshivos of Be'er Yaakov and Chevron Yeshiva; and

Rabbi Tzvi Eisner, born in Bnei Brak, a descendant of the 'Ba'al Shem' of Michelstadt and R. Jacob Rosenheim, and educated in the Yeshivos 'Ohr Yisroel' in Petach-Tikva and Ponevezh in Bnei Brak.

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